Regional Focus:


Africa is being transformed by a new generation of political leaders and entrepreneurs often with European or US education and business experience.

Over the last decade sub Saharan Africa has been the fastest growing world region at 5.7% per annum and we expect to see this trend continuing over the next decade. This has been driven principally by the worldwide demand for its natural resources and consequent massive investment and development of this sector. However, as African populations steadily increase by 2% per annum and urban clusters grow to an expected 50% by 2030, we are seeing significant development of the financial, agricultural, manufacturing, housing and service sectors. Furthermore, increasing democracy and improving fiscal controls and business climate provide the cornerstones for growing access to international capital.

The geo-political map is also changing: much of the African continent was in a situation of conflict thirty years ago, now that is only the case for a small minority. A more peaceful context for many Sub-Saharan countries has led to increasing consumer demand not only for basic needs, but also for greater choice of products and services led by the emerging middle-class.

Regional Representation:


The Harland Capital Group has an office in Mauritius. Mauritius is now a substantial independent financial centre in its own right and has become the jurisdiction of choice for companies operating in Africa. It is efficient and cost effective and its geographic location and enabling tax environment have created a “holding point” for flows of Asian and worldwide capital into Africa.